Leaving for Rome

Thursday 6th July. We are heading off for Canterbury today. The Via Francigena or Frankish Way stretches before us. The lycra is packed. The bike is serviced. We leave the Precincts of the Cathedral through the ancient Christ Church gate at 5.30am on Friday 7th July after a blessing by the Dean. 2000 kms lie ahead of us: 35kms to Dover and then 115 or so to Arras for our first night’s stop. The main thing we need for the journey is food for energy. Nothing better than Sarah’s Christmas cake soaked in brandy when energy levels sink.


3 thoughts on “Leaving for Rome

  1. Sheelagh

    Will be thinking of you tomorow morning (though possibly not at 0530am) Hope it all goes well and the cake saoked in brandy lasts the course.

  2. Fran condry

    Go Dad! Don’t eat all the cake at once. You might get a funny feeling behind your tonsils.


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