Day of Rest

First week completed and just 500 miles left to Rome. Yesterday’s journey up the Grand St Bernard was variously rated “the worst day of my life” or “superb”. I was much closer to the latter. 

It was hot. The climb was 22 miles of inexorable slog. My leg muscles were crying out. But the beauty of the mountains was outstanding. We all took it at our own pace. I went up with John and Tina – cycljng friends from previous trips. Everyone made it to the top. 

And then 22 miles downhill.
Today is a rest day in Aosta (like the professionals in Le Tour of course). This is the place where Anselm was born. He was Archbishop of Canterbury at the turn of the 11th/12th century, original author of the ontological argument (see Wikipedia!) and the wonderful phrase “faith seeking understanding “. 


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