My name is Edward Condry, I’m in my early sixties, and I am the Church of England’s Bishop of Ramsbury. My ‘patch’ is usually Wiltshire, although I sometimes work in Dorset too, and I work with two other Bishops in the Diocese of Salisbury, which covers an enormous area from Marlborough to Lyme Regis and from the outskirts of Bournemouth almost to the edge of Bath.

I started blogging when I decided to give up my car for Lent in 2014 – partly as a good Lenten discipline, partly as a public witness to the Church of England’s commitment to fighting climate change. In total, I covered 2056 miles by bike, bus, train and walking that I would otherwise have driven.

I found blogging was such a useful way of talking to people and getting my own thoughts in order that I decided to keep it up even after my car had been returned to me.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. stephpep56

    I just happened on your blog today and enjoyed your philosophy on life. I have also given up my car for over a year now and bike and train(bike on train) it to work in a major Dublin hospital. I never thought of counting the mileage and I see it as a form of joy rather than penance but I understand where you are coming from. What interested me also is that my son in law (now living in Ireland) is from Devises and my eldest grandson went to school in Presute ??? correct spelling? just outside Marlborough. So I am quite familiar with the area. Therefore I congratulate you on your ability to face those Wiltshire hills and of course on your lovely blog.

  2. Joanna Corfield

    Hi Edward,

    I hope you don’t mind me getting in touch, I work for charity Sustrans (http://www.sustrans.org.uk) and was sent your blog by a colleague. We are currently on the look out for stories about people who love cycling, and I was wondering if you would be interested in sharing your experiences in the media to help us promote the benefits of cycling?

    Please email me through the address below if this sounds like something you’d be keen to do.

    Best wishes,


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